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 1st ANNUAL 
 Center for Co-Creative Living (CCL) - Summer Camp 2014
Sustainable DreamSeeding™ - A Circle of Life Experience

Big Medicine Retreat -  Nashville, TN . . .  June 27 - 29, 2014

Sustainable DreamSeeding™ - A Circle of Life Experience

CCL is excited to announce our 1st Annual - Summer Camp 2014.  We invite you to be a part of our growing community garden of DreamSeeders. Come help us sow the seeds for this co-creative learning experience taught by nine gifted CCL Mentors.  We believe this is a momentous time to be on Planet Earth.  A time when consciousness is rapidly blooming, shedding light on our shadow nature and offering greater opportunities for self-realization to flow forth in our lives and on our planet.

Do you feel like you crossed a threshold in 2014 and are ready for a New Life? One in which you have a more conscious say in co-creating your future to fulfill your dreams. Well, you are not alone ... there are many of us waking up to the new reality that is dawning; one we have been wishing for, preparing for, waiting for, and NOW it has finally arrived. This NEW reality does not come prepackaged or prescribed by someone else. This NEW way of Seeing and Being Seen comes from your ability to communicate with your own inner guidance first and foremost, to express your voice of wisdom and intuitive knowing, and to embody all that you were designed to BE in alignment with our Planetary & Universal Consciousness.  

The Art of Co-Creative Manifestation is a path of Conscious DreamSeeding™ in alignment with the Circle of Life to actualize planetary healing through personal transformation.  Harnessing the energy and creativity needed to birth your Unique Gifts into form, and then build the necessary skills to master the maturation process, is what Sustainable DreamSeeding™ is all about.  It's a path of believing in yourself and taking responsibility for awakening, activating, identifying, cultivating, and actualizing the seeds of your Uniqueness to fulfill your potential and your purpose. 

The Co-Creative Living Manifestation Wheel - DreamSeeding™ 12 Petal Process provides a template to guide you coupled with your own heart-centered awareness. To become a Conscious DreamSeeder, it is essential to learn how the co-creative process of manifestation works. First, recognizing that consciousness is energy and energy alignment determines the quality of the manifest form. The alignment or misalignment of the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, intentions, and actions behind the dreams you are seeding determine whether your manifest form will be harmonious or dissonant.

There is much talk these days about wholeness and holistic practices, but what does that really mean?  Perhaps to truly be Whole is to be Holy…to be Divinely Human and realize our destiny as Co-Creators and Conscious DreamSeeders.  Sustainable DreamSeeding™ invites you to reclaim your “Heart of Innocence” infused with the simplicity of soul that comes from getting to the heart of the matter where your intuitive knowing resides. Sustainable DreamSeeding™ encourages you to invest in your trust fund - the Unique Gifts you have been entrusted and encoded with as Divinely Human Beings.   

The CCL Mentors team has many years of experience in exploring the Art of Co-Creative Manifestation.  We have been called together to assist you in this co-creative learning process.  Not because WE have all the answers, but because WE believe that YOU possess all that is needed to fulfill your DreamSeed Visions and embody the Unique Gifts they carry. We believe that by helping you to grow, we also help ourselves and our planet to grow.  Co-Creative Community interwoven with compassionate intention is a beautiful and powerful tool for opening portals into a new paradigm of peaceful co-existence. All of the members of the CCL Mentors team are professional co-creators who have been on a path of Conscious DreamSeeding™ for many years and offer their experience through a diverse palette of creative and contemplative practices to assist you in actualizing your visions, your truth, and your purpose.  

The CCL Summer Camp 2014 is a time to discover and explore the seeds of your deepest aspirations. Sustainable DreamSeeding™ recognizes the importance of giving yourself permission to be a child again, to play with your hopes and dreams, to set your imagination free so you can fully feel the joyful integrative flow of your creative spirit moving through you. The CCL Mentors collectively hold this truth to be self-evident:  “Anything and Everything is possible if you Believe in Your True Self.” 

To unite for this shared adventure, we need common ground where we can turn off worldly distractions and tune into our inner calling ... a place where we can align with nature and feel supported by the elements: the earth, the air, the water, the trees, the birds, the animals, the plants. A place where we can gather with like-minded spirits to experience a transformational retreat that holds Big Medicine for all who have the curiosity and creativity to venture forth.  As CCL Hosts and Mentors, we feel blessed to be Graced with such a Place and a Plan to support our collective Purpose.  We extend an invitation for you to JOIN US for this illuminating experience and help us seed the 1st Annual CCL Summer Camp at Big Medicine Retreat, home of Jennifer Patten, located in a peaceful country setting outside of Nashville, TN. 

Suchi Waters Benjamin, Founder

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