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CCL supports Sun Bear’s vision in returning to Mother Earth the power of the Medicine Wheel as a sacred tool for Co-Creative Living and Learning ... a living symbol of our connection to all of Creation and our responsibility to mature as Conscious DreamSeeders Co-Creating with Source.  *If you participated in one of CCL’s DreamSeeding with the Medicine Wheel Gatherings or DreamSeeding Women’s Circle and have since built a Medicine Wheel, please send a photo to CCL

so it can be posted here for everyone to enjoy!  Contact: dreamseeding@gmail.com  . . . Thank you, Suchi WB

MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Suchi Waters Benjamin & Tom Benjamin,

Haiku, Maui, Hawaii

MEDICINE WHEEL co-created at Mary Lou Wilson’s, QUAIL CREEK FARM - College Grove, TN, 

October 28, 2012 at the TN DreamSeeding with the Medicine Wheel - Women’s Gathering.  

HEART MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Jennifer Patten

in the Sanctuary near her tipi & creek - Joelton, TN 

MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Annie Freeman

Nashville, Tennessee

MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Komala Nicholas

Kula, Maui, Hawaii

MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Anne Williams

Nashville, Tennessee

*(Anne built her MW in a planter tray so that it would be portable

  and could be placed in her art studio.  A wonderful alternative!)

MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Susan Alden & family

(Jamie, Garrett, & Rylee)

Tacoma, Washington

MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Anna Lee

Austin, Texas

MEDICINE WHEEL at Patch of Blue Sky anchored on 11/11/2012 and completed on 11/1/2014

at the DreamSeeding™ with the Medicine Wheel - Women’s Gathering (Ph2) in Wimberley, TX

MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Lisa Medwedeff & family - Gabriel, & Phoenix

with Northshore views & covered with crushed lava rock in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii  

MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Denise LaForce and

husband, Bill McCreedy.......Memphis, TN

(They created a vortex of Balance & Harmony on their land by anchoring the power of the 6 directions. This MW will be completed in due time.)

MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Jayne Selby Mitchell

Issaquah, WA

(Jayne created her Medicine Wheel in a portable fire pit that

sits on her front porch. GREAT IDEA! )

MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Brandy Zdan in New Mexico

at the vortex where the Rio Grand and Red River meet.

(A Gift to the Earth and all her inhabitants!  Thank you, Brandy!)

MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Stevie Potts

Nashville, TN

(The MW container is Gracie’s Dog Food Bowl - A wonderful way

to honor Grace’s Spirit....Stevie’s long time companion.)

“No one can give you wisdom. You must discover it for yourself on the journey through life which no one can take for you.“. . . Sun Bear



MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Jennifer Patten

in her gated garden area - Joelton, TN

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MEDICINE WHEEL co-created in Nashville, TN

by Nancy McMorrow & Tom Rudick

(This MW was inspired by Anne William’s large planter tray idea

making it very portable for both indoor and outdoor meditations). 

MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Ame G. Skinner

with expansive UpCountry island views in Kula, Maui, Hawaii

dreamseeding@gmail.com mailto:cocreativeliving@gmail.comshapeimage_6_link_0
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Indoor MEDICINE WHEEL co-created by Mary Agee

in her meditation space in Nashville, TN

MEDICINE WHEEL- Sanctuary Garden co-created by Suchi Waters Benjamin & Tom Benjamin,

OWL HOUSE - Nashville, TN

MEDICINE WHEEL - Sacred Circle of Life co-created by Jennifer Patten

on her Big Medicine Teachings landscape in Joelton, TN