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  1. Bullet  TO ENLIGHTEN YOUR LOAD - Suggested Reading!

“The Real Energy Crisis” by Nancy McMorrrow  (FREE pdf. download): The Real Energy Crisis.pdf

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”   John Lennon

“To quote a famous American, "Yes, We Can.", and Suchi Waters Benjamin can guide the way in her unique DreamSeeding online course. Suchi draws together ones who are ready to take the next step in their own evolution and creates a safe and loving environment for all possibilities to be explored. She creatively inspires each member through her webinars to not only dream big, but name it, own it, and actualize it. What may have started as just plain fun and curiosity has the potential of being life changing, as it has been for me.”     With a grateful heart ... Mary Lou Wilson

“Life changing journey.”   Susan Alden

The DreamSeeding Experience has been a crash course in spiritual growth! Suchi Waters Benjamin has distilled a lifetime of her own spiritual seeking, and has synthesized this program from a myriad of sources of wisdom. She has laid before us a thoughtful series of reading, watching, listening, and hands-on experience through the assignments she has crafted. Each step is designed to show us how to draw out our own truths, rather than imposing hers upon us.  I am extremely thankful that through this curriculum, I have had my feet firmly planted on a path toward my own spiritual mastery. Suchi's creation has generously opened a gateway for me.”      I am eternally grateful ... Pam Soderberg

“If you're new the spiritual quest game, fasten your seat belts - it's an explosive experience. If your well along your path, it helps you realign and remember.  But know, it is an active experience - it isn't done to you (or for you).  If you're ready to roll up your emotional sleeves and dig deep, the rewards are rich. Dare to delve and become a DreamSeeder too!”       Pattye Wright      

“DreamSeeders, step up your Authentic game, a notch or two or three! I found DreamSeeding to be practical and rejuvenating, gifting me with an extensive spiritual arsenal and co-creative marching orders. Got to do it now!”           Jayne Selby Mitchell

“There is a heartbeat to "The Dreamseeding Experience", that seems to grow louder and livelier, as if by Suchi Waters Benjamin's intricate design. By the completion of the course, she has given a selection of right tools to access our souls, our unique selves, and to actualize them as a new heartbeat into the world. Suchi holds such a level of integrity and mastery in her being. These qualities walk hand in hand with creative beauty, and her presentation and teachings reach new places of joy, inner depths and pure responsibility all in the same word. I am eternally grateful for her initiation, into a family of old and new friends, and for her steadfast encouragement to my new dream seed, ready to spread it's wings into the wider world! This experience comes with my highest recommendation to anyone even remotely intrigued by the process.”    Lauren Harris

“If you are seeking a supportive environment for your growth from the roots below the earth to the stars and beyond, then The DreamSeeding Experience IS for YOU!  For me, this has been an opportunity to explore my truth and what moves me with a community of members who are only supportive and allow for growth, as well as the "growth spurts" that come with the cultivation of self.  What a beautiful garden Suchi Waters Benjamin called us into - all she does is with beauty, grace, compassion, and encouragement.  And the flowering component provided by Janet Higgins was an experience that pushed my seed through the earth. I had no idea where we were going, but I was more than content to plod along ... but my plodding picked up momentum, and now I believe that I will soon take flight! What a thrill!  If you want to experience the adventure of growing your garden of dreams, and should you want to tend your plot of vision for the betterment of the earth and all of creation, then do not hesitate and have no fear about entering into your DreamSeeding Experience - NOW!  You will find out that it is all WOW (What Outrageous Wonder)!“

                                                                                                                                                                             Sonja Hedgepeth 

"The DreamSeeding Experience is an incubator of personal growth and awareness. Suchi Waters Benjamin provides the road map and tools to help you to connect with yourself in deep and meaningful ways. The DreamSeeding process empowers you to become the co-creative leader of your own life."      Willa M. - Seattle

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“Teaching might be the the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.”  - John Steinbeck